Behind the Lens

To me photography is about exploring the world through the lens of a camera. When I first started to get into photography professionally I found myself drawn to the still emptiness of abandoned places. There is a serenity that passes through these places that were once filled with human life. Now they are filled with the slow creep of nature coming to reclaim what was once theirs.

Bringing a model into these places is like bringing back something that has been missing for years: the human element. Yet somehow we seem to be the invaders as these places seem to lie somewhere between dream and reality. To enter these places, one feels both the absence and the presence of those who came before.

When documenting these places, I have a simple philosophy: Take only photographs, and leave only your footsteps behind.

I am currently working to expand my documentary work of abandoned places outside of North Carolina. I am travelling to Detroit to document what has happened since the decline of the auto industry. I have come to realize the eerie similarity to the abandonment of these places and the decline of American economic power.

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